get your customers
offline and into
your store

Technology and brick and mortar haven’t always been the best of friends. Where do you drive traffic? Online or in-store? You’re no longer just competing against the store down the street, but rather the entire internet…and what about mobile? Yikes!

Don’t worry, we can help.

we say no when others say yes.


Our one of a kind mobile offers model is 100% sustainable and is NOT a daily deal model…and it never will be. We don’t take a large percentage of your offer, or any percentage for that matter. All we ask is for a fixed micro commission (we’re talking cents) when an offer is redeemed and shared.
It’s your offer, you keep the profit.


Setup fees are ridiculous. Unless you enjoy paying them… in which case Ozmott’s probably not for you. We’re here to be your partner, not nickel and dime you. From your business’s first offer, to your 10,000th offer, there is no setup fee… we only make money when you do.

you’re in their pocket… or purse

With 91.4 million Smartphones in the US alone it’s no question that mobile isn’t just here to stay… it’s taking over. What better way to reach your target audience than on a device they have with them all day? (We can’t think a better one.)

Still don’t believe us? 80% of people use their Smartphones for shopping or shopping related activities. If mobile isn’t a part of your strategy already then what are you waiting for?

this is how we do it

  • txt_icon_shop
    Shoppers browse the Ozmott app on their Smartphone for offers at local merchants. Once they redeem an offer, they need to make the purchase in-store – not online – increasing highly valued foot traffic at your store.

    Offers are redeemed with a tap of the customer’s phone and applied at check out. There’s hardly any setup and Ozmott is compatible with almost any POS system. Easy for them. Easy for you.

  • txt_icon_share
    Once an offer is redeemed, our patent pending sharing functionality will then share your offer with their network of friends and family. Users are rewarded with virtual currency called “Pips” each time they redeem and share an offer.

    Harness the power of word-of-mouth and identify influencers.

  • txt_icon_indulge
    Can it get any better? Yes. We’ll increase your customer loyalty by giving them an incentive to keep coming back. We call them Luxe Offers. With Luxe Offers, Ozmott influencers are rewarded with access to high-end products and experiences at affordable prices by cashing in their Pips. Think your brand is classy enough?

Now What?

We’ve come pretty far together, and it’s time for the next step. Leave us your number or give us a call and let us show you why Ozmott is your only choice to reduce “window shoppers” and increase qualified foot traffic. We’ll be your best friend.

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