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Ozmott's Acorn Logo with the logos for Shop, Share, and Indulge superimposed.Ozmott is a new, patent pending mobile shopping platform that allows users to shop, share and indulge. By sharing or claiming an offer, users earn redeemable credits called Pips to unlock exclusive top tier Luxe Offers.

we heart shopping too


Well… not really. It did however, start with a purchase, a daily deal to be specific. Upon cashing in our daily deal we spoke with the owner of the store who explained how he was actually losing money each time a daily deals customer came in.

What!? Why?! Like all good entrepreneurs we knew that there had to be a better, more sustainable way. After a few meetings with economists, developers and some shopaholics, Ozmott was in full swing.

At Ozmott, we promise to always provide our community with easy access to the best offers in town and reward people for participating with their friends and family; all while providing a sustainable business model for our merchant partners.

Where are we?

Map of Ozmott Merchant and User Locations

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a pip?

Ahh yes, the Pip. In the Ozmott world Pips are awarded for redeeming and sharing offers. The more redeeming and sharing you do, the more Pips you earn. Once you have enough Pips we’ll welcome you into the high society by unlocking our Luxe Offers. Trust us, having access to Luxe Offers is nothing short of amazing.

Does more friends mean more benefits?

Of course. Ozmott isn’t a popularity contest but it sure pays to be popular. You earn Pips for each person you share an offer with; therefore, the more friends you have the more Pips you earn. Need a calculator?

When will I find Ozmott everywhere?

We are working around the clock to bring you more offers at your favorite stores and eateries. The best thing to do though is keep checking our app and website to witness our world take over first hand… then you can tell your grandkids “you were there.”

How can I get my favorite store to join the Ozmott family?

You’re so kind. We’re always looking to bring in great new stores and restaurants to Ozmott. Shoot us a message here with some details and we’ll do our best to bring them into the family (short of blackmail or bribery).

How do I save an offer to use later?

We get it, you want to “think about it.” That’s fine. Simply click the cloud at the top right of the offer and consider it saved. But remember, the early squirrel gets the nut (or something like that).

How do I share an offer with my friends?

Well hello Mrs. Popular. Once you have redeemed your offer, we’ll ask you if you would like to share that offer. If you click “yes” then your Ozmott friends will receive the same offer in their cloud. Don’t you worry though, you are always in control of what will be shared and Jennifer isn’t going to get a flashing notification that you just snagged those shoes she wanted.

The Ozmott Team


Joseph Walker has over twenty years of experience in the production of digital media; including digital entertainment, interactive television systems and web-based communities. After attending Dartmouth College, he earned a masters degree from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. Joseph received training on consumer marketing from the Executive Education Program at the Harvard Business School. With a strong entrepreneurial spirt, and a background in marketing and business development, launching Ozmott was a no brainer.

| Co-Founder

Mr. Walker has 40 years experience in a number of business fields. Starting with a BS Degree from Central Michigan University with concentrations in Math and Physics he went on to establish several successful oil and gas exploration companies with offices and activities throughout the continental U.S. He has founded several technology oriented startups including a fiber optic telecommunications company, a software and hardware contract negotiations company and an animation production company. He is also the founder of a music production company and The Kingsley Club, one of the top 20 rated golf clubs in North America. He has served on the board of Trustees of the Northwestern Michigan College Foundation, founded and funded The NMC Commitment Program, Board of Advisors Central Michigan University Entrepreneurial Program and a Trustee of the nationally recognized First Tee Organization.


Bryce Hundley, Controller, earned a BA in Economics from Dartmouth College. He subsequently fulfilled his CPA educational requirement through Ferris State University and expects to acquire his CPA credential in 2011.  Prior to joining Belmont Resources in 2007, Bryce worked as an accountant for ISPhone, an international provider of VoIP telephone services, and in the Tax Compliance Department of TheRehmann Group.  He has also worked in the Compliance Department of D.E. Shaw in New York City and spent 8 years in fundraising and development work in the arts and entertainment industry in New York and Washington, DC.


Willow Myles has spent the last 15 years elbow deep in the technology industry. Her focus in content management, statistics and SEO has earned her recognitions that Bill Gates dreams of. She has a thorough understanding of link backs, CPC/CPI and the strategies to implement the best process to see the desired conversions. She works side by side with her clients to meet their content needs and to maximize their mobile effectiveness.
Willow participates in volunteer programs with the Humane Society and Girls on the Run within her community.